The Alpha Sigma Chapter is the Foundation’s largest scholarship fund of all Theta Xi Chapters nationwide. Our chapter and alumni are committed to assisting hard working students pay for school. Over the next year, we will distribute $15,000 in scholarships, which is more money per member than any other fraternity on Bradley’s campus. We offer three Scholarships exclusively for Alpha Sigma members.
Janus Scholarship: Awards $5,000 annually to a brother living in the house with a GPA greater than 3.0. For more information, click here.

The Blue Iris Scholarship: Is a four year scholarship issued each fall. It awards two $1,000 / semester/ scholarships to newly initiated brothers with a GPAs greater than 3.25. For more information, click here.

The Gary Gleespen Scholarship: Awards $500 each year to a brother showing a high level of academic performance or improvement.

To support the Alpha Sigma Scholarship Endowment, please click here. Please mention in the comments that your gift is for Alpha Sigma scholarships.

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