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The Alpha Sigma Association congratulates the fall 2014 associate member class for winning the highest GPA trophy from the IFC, beating all other fraternity’s associate member classes. Keep up the outstanding work!

William P. Romano resides in Newport Beach, Calif, with his wife, Carolyn. William is a world traveler—he has been to 74 countries and all seven continents! E‑mail:

Byron E. Chrisman ’50 has been retired for several years from his career of teaching speech and theater. He has two daughters, Melanie and Carol, and resides in New Lenox, Ill.

Robert R. Pitra ’52 and his wife, Jeanne, live in Elmhurst, Ill, at Park Place of Elmhurst Retirement Community.

Charles T. “Cha Cha” Sullivan Jr. ’54 and his wife, Barbara Jean, will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in April. Their two children are both CPAs in St. Petersburg, Fla. Charles and Barbara Jean have two grandchildren, Lauren Elise and Brian Patrick, both of whom graduated with honors from Florida Southern University. Charles resides in Louisville, Ky. E‑mail:

David B. Stephens ’59 resides in Oshkosh, Wis. He has retired from his role as a building project manager and is working to stay healthy.

Charles E. Carlson ’60 and his wife, Paula, live in Homewood, Ill. Cha Cha is still dancing and loves card games. E‑mail:

Ronald L. Forsberg ’60 has retired from Ford Motor Company after following assignments in Denmark, England, France, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. He lives on a lake in the Irish Hills area of Michigan. He enjoys boating and fishing.

Fred S. Brown, Ph.D. ’62 retired from his career in aerospace/defense in 2002. That same year, he jointed Loyola Marymount University to start the graduate systems engineering leadership program, which has now granted over 130 master’s degrees. E‑mail:

Jack F. Andrews ’63 is retired from 36 years of teaching. He and his wife, Carol, have been married for 51 years. They have four grandsons between the ages of 10 and 18. Jack enjoys traveling, cabinet making, and community service projects. He resides in Springfield, Ill.

Andrew H. Dalglish ’63 resides in Eugene, Ore. He is a talented artist and has received several awards for his work. Many of his creations can be viewed at www.andydalglish. com.

Larry M. Salvatori ’65 lives in Lisle, Ill. “Let’s just say my four years at Bradley and in the house were some of the best years of my life.” E‑mail:

Frank E. Wainwright ’70 recently moved from Connecticut to South Carolina. He is president of Play It Forward Golf ( and also develops new products. Frank works on his golf game in his spare time. E‑mail:

Timothy M. Bender ’82 enjoys his ongoing career in the toy industry. He has worked for Lego, been Leapfrog’s president, and currently is the superintendent of sales for Playstation. He has four children, who attend University of the Pacific and Southern Methodist University. Timothy resides in Danville, Calif. E‑mail:

Craig S. Janus ’00 is looking forward to taking his wife, Emily, to Hawaii for the first time. On this well‑deserved vacation they will visit Craig’s longtime friend who is stationed at Pearl Harbor. E‑mail:

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